Nashville’s Transmission Repair Specialists

At Coleman Taylor Transmissions in Nashville, our ASE Certified technicians use the latest diagnostic technology and equipment to accurately repair your automatic transmissions. We understand exactly how your vehicle’s automatic transmission operates, and will diagnose and recommend only the transmission repairs that your vehicle needs. Our ASE Certified technicians will also help you understand how to extend the life of your transmission and how to care for it properly, so you can avoid costly repairs in the future!

As a family owned and operated shop, we treat your vehicle’s transmission like our own, and want you to enjoy it for many years to come. Part of extending the life of your vehicle is through regular preventative maintenance services. Transmission repair is all about precision, and, while our technicians certainly are precise in their work, our computers are also able to scan for potential problems. We have no problems fixing leaking gaskets, O-rings, or Axle Seals.

Coleman Taylor Transmission handles major repairs just as efficiently as minor ones. Whether your vehicle’s transmission needs repair or a complete replacement our technicians are certified to handle it. Our ASE Certified technicians and transmission experts can remove, disassemble, rebuild, calibrate, and reinstall transmissions as needed. We also use 100% quality OEM parts and fluids in every service to provide your vehicle with the best service possible.

Towing Services

FREE Towing with Qualified Repair from Donelson Wrecker Service: 615-889-6218!

Coleman Taylor Transmissions is proud to partner with Donelson Wrecker Service. For all of your towing or roadside assistance needs, the wonderful drivers at Donelson Wrecker Service will be happy to take care of you! Plus, we offer FREE towing to Coleman Taylor Transmissions with qualified repairs! Anytime you need a tow, please call Donelson Wrecker Service at 615-889-6218!